Photos taken in the gardens of Gay & Kees Klok

Tasmania, Australia year 2002


The delightful New Zealand small tree, Hoheria glabrata,  covers itself in cherry like blossoms at a very handy time, mid to late Summer.   It is sweetly perfumed too.  This form is deciduous [or semi] - I also have an evergreen Hortensia which flowers later in the season


The beautiful new leaves of the large leaf Rhododendron are shaded a delicate green-grey and look like velvet


Another one, the old leaves would be about 2-3 feet long


This Rhododendron, "Snow Lady"  is at its peak at the end of January!   Very late this year, it is always the last to bloom.   Its worse feature is that it is almost semi deciduous and for a few weeks after flowering it looks as though it is a bit sick with yellow and reddish part colouring on its leaves though not many actually drop off



The roses are still in bloom or in flower for the second time


Day lilies are so hardy and will grow and increase


Phygelius aequalis "Yellow Trumpet" is a relative of the Pensimmon and Antirrhinum.   It comes from South Africa and its common name is Cape Fuchsia, though it is no relation of the Fuchsia.   They like a sunny spot and soil that is not too dry


A new plant in the garden, Dais continifolia that are native to Madagascar and eastern Africa.   They need full sun and a free draining soil


No, this is not an ordinary lily, it is the Crinum lily, allied to the Amaryllis and grows from a huge bulb.  The white Crinum x powellii "Album" is an easily grown hybrid and likes rich, moist soil and to be planted with he "neck" of the bulb above ground

This link will take you back to my Welcome Page.  I have enjoyed walking the garden paths on one of our beautiful late Summer  days.  How about you?